My Praise Baby

Sam has always been musical. When he was about two weeks old, he started to love Johnny Cash. I’m not kidding. The older boys went to different preschools and so we spent a lot of time driving around. Sam would be screaming his precious little head off and I’d put on Johnny Cash and he’d stop. He even showed a strong preference for “I’ve Been Everywhere.” This despite the fact that our household has a Johnny Cash theme song, “Jackson.” If we tried to play “Jackson,” Sam would cry and the older boys would plead, ‘”Mom, Mom, put on his favorite, put on his favorite.” Only God knows how many times we listened to that song. When Daddy was in the car with us he’d try to play something else, saying “I’m not going to let my newborn dictate what music I listen to.” But eventually he’d give in too. You can’t really listen to anything when our little Pavarotti is exercising his lungs.

And since Sam was about five months old he has loved to watch Praise Baby DVDs. If you’ve never seen one, they are sort of like Baby Einstein for Christians. The million dollar concept is background music and video clips of interesting things to look at, mostly other babies. I know, don’t you wish you would’ve thought of it? Anyway, Sam still loves his Praise Baby. He sings along, not every word but a few here and there. And when we hear those songs on the radio, he excitedly waves his arms and belts out the words he knows. The other day we were driving along and I looked at him in the rearview mirror, and that little doll face was singing “God of Wonders” with passion. The chorus says, “God of wonders, beyond our galaxy. You are holy, holy. The universe declares Your majesty. You are holy, holy.”
His beautiful little mouth, forming that O-shape to exclaim “holy” is priceless. While he sings, he sort of sways back and forth with the rhythm, tilting his head ever so slightly. It is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, I’ve been playing “God of Wonders” over and over and attempting to get this on video. But in our house when we pull out any recording device, the boys’ IQs all drop about fifty points, and all they can manage to do is eek out “cheese” in a lethargic tone. It is incredibly difficult to get those candid snippets that depict the real Jackson boys. But alas I keep trying.
But the point is that more than being incredibly cute, Sam is unwittingly obeying a biblical command. There is a call to sing; it is not a mere suggestion, or a recommendation for those, like Sam, who enjoy music. No, the Psalms repeatedly instruct us to sing. Psalm 33:1 says “Sing joyfully to the LORD.” Psalm 33: 3 says “Sing to him a new song.” And Psalm 66:1 says “Sing the glory of his name.” In fact, there are directives to sing sprinkled throughout the Old and New Testaments.
So the question for the week is how often do you sing His praises? You may praise Him in your head, you may even read a psalm of praise, but music is a gift and a command. It’s more about obedience than talent. So may we SING His praises this week! You will be blessed and our Loving Father will be glorified.

4 thoughts on “My Praise Baby

  1. YOur description of Sam in the back seat brings a smile to my face. Thanks. And your point is well taken. How can we not sing?
    Blessings Clella Camp

  2. Absolutely adorable – I love this! And since I have experienced Sam's praising first-hand, I can be a witness… even if you can't get it on video! haha

    ~ Natalie

  3. LoLo says:

    I loved your line about the introduction of the video camera incurring a 50 point drop in their IQ's. Doesn't it have the same effect on most of the population? I know I can be animatedly telling a story (using big words and everything) and catch a glimpse of a camera and you'd think for all the world that I'd been shot with a stun gun…totally incapable of uttering a single polysyllabic word.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are so funny, Kristie. I am reading all the blogs I've missed in the past two months and am so enjoying this time well spent…being SPURRED on! Oh, and the power of the cross ( I know, different post, is prob. my top for profound lyrics! I cry everytime we sing it at church). Hoping you all are feeling better!!

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