Jackson 5 Friday: Knocking It Out

My husband is one of the most efficient human beings on earth.  He can talk extremely fast, read extremely fast, clean the kitchen in the wink of an eye, and edit my blog (adding commas to make it actually readable) in about thirty-seconds.  He’s amazing.

But he has a brain that requires mapping out the day.  The minute he wakes up, a minute to minute calendar starts to form.  We could not be more different in this regard.  If I have any semblance of a schedule for the day it is always subject to change, always.  So you can imagine the conversations that we have.

Will: “How’s your day shaping up?”

Me:  “I have no idea past taking the boys to school.  How bout you?”

Will then spews out fifteen things that he intends to do in a specified order over the next twelve hours, and then he will proceed to do them.

Our son, Will, is aptly named because he has this same disposition.  He wants to know in advance what the plan is, and he intends for us to keep it.  Poor guy.  His little brain just isn’t as flexible as mine, as Nate’s and I think Sam’s.

So the other night when we spent the night at Will’s work, he was very concerned about when we would be picking up the new minivan.

As soon as I saw him (he’d just spent almost four hours in the car coming a distance of three miles), he wanted to know what the plan was.  He didn’t want to lament the ride or marvel at how I had scaled a wall.  He just wanted clarity on the plan for the next day.

Little Will: “When are we going to get the minivan?”

Me: “I don’t know.  We’ll see.”

Little Will: “Well, when Dad get’s off work, I think we should just go get it then.”

Me: “Well, we’re not.”

Little Will: “Why not?  I think that’s the best plan — to just knock it out.”

This totally cracked me up, because knocking things out is just a part of being a Will Jackson.  Forces have combined to make him — this incredible, beautiful, hilarious, intelligent,  hard-working child–an efficiency-minded, knock-it-out kind of guy.  Both nature and nurture have made Will who he is, yet I believe nature is the primary and heavily dominant factor.

I’d estimate that nature is 97.5% of being a knock-it-out person, and that’s why the other 60% of the Jackson 5 is hopelessly wedded to “we’ll see.”

3 thoughts on “Jackson 5 Friday: Knocking It Out

  1. Kim says:

    This is so funny. As a “we’ll see,” person myself, I have to constantly remind myself of what a challenge that is to my “knock it out” firstborn, who is also the genetic clone of her father 🙂 Love it!

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