Jackson 5 Saturday: Separate Ways and Praying Friends

Last night we took Nate and Sammy to a hoedown at school.  The hoedown is a purely social time for families to laugh and dance together.  Sammy loved the music and there were lots of little ones following only bits and pieces of the dancing directions, just like him.  And there were cookies and lemonade and prizes for costumes.  Somehow Sammy was not chosen for his usual attire (Redskins jersey, sporty pants, and Redskins hat) plus bandana!  Nate wore various pieces of an old Woody costume plus a University of Florida t-shirt.  So he wasn’t a contender either.  The actual winners were completely decked out — boots, hats, chaps, vests, skirts, braids.  Almost everyone embraced the theme and almost everyone danced.

But there was one dashing dancer who was missing — little Will chose to go to a buddy’s birthday party instead.  He had a great time and I don’t have any regrets about letting him go his own way.  The birthday boy is a good friend from the pool, and sometimes you just can’t be two places at once.

Yet it felt strange to be at a social event without him.  And if I’m honest, it wasn’t just strange, it was a little sad, because it’s like a snapshot of the future.  More and more, the boys will do their own thing.  That’s healthy.  After all, wise parenting should lead to independence and self-sufficiency.  But I want to relish these days of togetherness, to cherish every moment that I get to just hang out with my boys.  I don’t want them to be burdened as some children are by the weight of making me happy, yet I want them to know how much joy they give me every moment of every day.

It all goes back to the plea of the Psalmist about ordering our days aright, doesn’t it?  Read this post if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Amazingly, I was talking to my good friend today as I made my way home from Costco.  She called me to see if my sons’ basketball team had closed out their season without having lost a single game, which they had.  And she hardly ever calls me because we actually see each other pretty often.  But we got to talking and then she prayed for me.  Do you want to know what she prayed?  What she prayed specifically, without me asking her to?

She prayed that I would number my days aright.  I hope you have a friend who prays for you.  May you know the peace and comfort of a praying friend who loves you and knows you and lifts you up, and may we be that peace and comfort to others.

Why not pray for someone you love right now?  Why not pray that they will number their days aright?

2 thoughts on “Jackson 5 Saturday: Separate Ways and Praying Friends

  1. I love this. Thanks for taking the time to write such an encouraging reminder of our Jesus’ knowledge of who we each are! He knows us so well. 🙂

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