Jackson 5 Friday: Treasuring Uniquenesses

So much rides on the fact that we are all made in the image of God.  It means that the most irritating person you’ve ever met and the meanest person you’ve ever met are still worthy of respect and dignity.  You need not look far to find examples where this deserved honor is withheld, and it’s incredibly destructive.  As followers of Christ, we should be treating others as we want to be treated, always respecting and always mindful that simple dignity is a high standard and yet also a minimum standard.

But treasuring each person does not mean we are all the same.  What an insult to an infinitely creative God!  We are incredibly different and I am amazed by how true this is even drawing from the same gene pool.  My three boys may as well be from three different continents.  I love them each tremendously, but in three unique ways.  It’s surely just a small hint of how God loves us.

The video link below is such a picture of Sam.  He started imitating me in a mocking way when he was still an infant.  He mimics my expressions, my laugh, and my mannerisms on a daily basis and has a seemingly unlimited array of facial interpretations for voices, songs and characters.  He may well have a future in acting or comedy.  You’ve probably seen the memory game, Simon, from the early 1980’s.  Well, then enjoy these updated Simon expressions by Sammy Jackson.

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