Theological Thursday: Feeling Lucky?

This week is our Spring Break and a series of events in my life could be interpreted as lucky.  My husband’s work has been understaffed for what feels like forever, yet this week he has somehow gotten an almost unprecedented string of days off.  How we love having him around!  We planned a two-day trip to Williamsburg at the last minute, and the weather was so amazing that it was hard to believe we were still in Virginia.  It felt like we had trekked to some tropical destination, instead of merely two hours from home.  On the first day we decided to swing by Jamestown to see the original settlement from 1607 and it just so happened that this week the National Park Service was waiving the entrance fee.  After seeing the statue of Pocahontas and John Smith and browsing around the remnants of civilization more than four hundred years old, we headed out.

We took a recommendation from a friend for a sandwich shop in Williamsburg and waited in an unfathomable line for sandwiches, bread ends and house dressing.  But not only were the sandwiches well worth the wait, little Will and I observed one of the funniest and yet disturbing scenes in recent memory.  An early teenaged boy came barging through the crowds, visibly alarmed by the blood dripping from his nose, when his unsuspecting grandmother tapped him on the shoulder and asked, “What happenend?”  This brash teenager replied, “Bloody nose, Idiot!”

My son was horrified that anyone would call their grandmother an idiot, but the more we replayed this little incident the funnier it became.  By the end of the two days, we had used, “Bloody nose, Idiot” as a punchline more than a dozen times.

The next day we told the boys we were going to visit Yorktown, which would complete the so-called Historic Triangle, but our real intention was to take them to Busch Gardens.  The hotel in which we were staying sold tickets to the park, and I asked the lovely woman at the front desk if there were any discounts or specials running on tickets.  She said, “No, I don’t know of any.  The only thing I’ve heard of is an online-only special – buy one, get one free.”  Needless to say, I bought our tickets online!  And we had an absolutely magical day surprising the boys, riding some fantastic rides, enjoying the truly beautiful grounds and unbelievable weather, and meeting some interesting people.

One could conclude that this improbable string of events was luck, but that’s not how I think.  I believe that God is in control, that there is no such thing as luck, that all of these things, which are undeniably good and quite unlikely, are blessings from a loving God who delights in His creation.  Instead of feeling lucky, I am grateful.  I thank my Father in Heaven for the gifts He has given me this week.

And gratitude is pleasing to God, but it’s not hard when you’ve had the joy-filled kind of week that I’ve had.  What’s hard is giving thanks in hard circumstances, of trusting fully that God works in mysterious ways, that He works in all things for the good of those who love Him.  (Isaiah 55: 8, 1 Thessalonians 5: 18, Romans 8:28).

Yet not all weeks will be like this one, so may I treasure these days of overwhelming joy, and may I cling to His promises all my days.  I want to trust God just as much in my darkest days, even when my life may even be viewed as unlucky, or downright pitiful.  I want to view the heartache and struggles that undoubtedly lie ahead as God drawing me close to Himself.

In this moment, when the sun is shining on my life, I trust God fully and submit everything to Him.  May I trust Him and love Him just as much when the clouds invariably come.

4 thoughts on “Theological Thursday: Feeling Lucky?

  1. judith huber says:

    Oh sweet child of mine, you, who have faced far darker days than most people your age, have already proved your trust and faith in God. I am sure that He is also pleased that you see fit to thank him for the joys he provides as well. I love you so! Mom

  2. Kim says:

    Amen to that, Judy! You are a remarkable family, who stand as a great testimony to the love and faithfulness of our God even amidst the deepest pain and loss. I praise God for the joy He has given you all and am blessed t know your precious family.

  3. laurie staples says:

    Sometimes I forget that our Father God loves us much more than we could ever love our own children (unfathomably enough). Think how it delights US to thrill and surprise our kids…yet how much more God delights in giving us good things! How pleased He must be with your overwhelming gratitude. Love you!

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