Praying Sam

It was a blistering 105 degrees yesterday in the suburbs of DC, and of course it felt all of that.  In fact, the Washington Post reported that the heat index reached a whopping  121 degrees!  I don’t know how hot it was at swim practice (Fun Friday) but when I realized I had to trek out to my car to get my wallet I felt like I needed a pep talk from friends.

The kids were doing their annual penny dive and being mostly submerged was surely the way to go.  Then they played watermelon ball, which is a greasy team sport in which points are scored when a team carries the slippery watermelon from the middle of the pool to one end.

But even that excitement wore off more quickly than usual and we were ready to go home to a cold basement and relax by 10:30am.  But just as we were heading out, a wonderful thirteen-year-old teammate named Mia collapsed.  We called the ambulance and she is evidently going to be just fine.  By God’s grace, Mia didn’t hit her head but fell into the arms of a fast acting friend.  But dehydration is a scary thing, and all of the kids were quite distressed to see their teammate and friend lying on the cement.

This impressive young woman is a star of the swim team, a stellar student, and has babysat Sam.  The crowd gathered round was gravely concerned.  But among the many questions and comments, I don’t know how many prayers were offered for her.  Maybe there was even just one.

I am humbled by the fact that even though I called 911, I didn’t pray.  My nine-year-old didn’t pray, and my seven-year-old didn’t pray.  Yet among the muffled voices was my four-year-old’s.  I was amazed that without any prompting whatsoever, Sam offered this simple, faith-filled prayer:

“God our Father, We thank you so much that Mia will be happy and that she won’t cry.  Amen.”

I doubt it’s possible to feel any prouder than I did in that moment.

One thought on “Praying Sam

  1. Kim says:

    oh, my gracious. no words. yes, i agree, don’t think i could have been any prouder if I were you of precious sammy!

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