A Tidbit from Maranatha

Each summer my family vacations in West Michigan at a family Bible camp called Maranatha.  It sits directly on Lake Michigan and is one of my favorite places on earth.  There is little to no humidity, the sand is gorgeous, and the facility is humble but beautiful.  The evening services are in an open-air tabernacle and when I’m settled down on the burnt-orange-cushioned benches, which may be the same benches used when Billy Graham spoke there in the 1940’s and 50’s, I feel a million miles from my everyday life.  A gentle breeze, worshipful music, and great teaching make for a great evening, but when the service gets out I march myself down to the beach to watch the sunset, and of course every night is a different masterpiece.  This year I got to spend ten glorious days at Maranatha!  Over the next few days, I’m going to share some highlights from the teachers I was privileged to hear.  Here is the first installment.

Phil Tuttle from Walk Thru the Bible talked about the differences between David’s reaction to Goliath and Saul’s.  Saul was fearful.  David was full of faith.  Phil said, “fear is contagious and so is faith.”  Having lived this week through my first earthquake and through not-sure-what-number hurricane, I’ve witnessed many times over that fear is indeed contagious!  Who hasn’t lived that, right?  But how often do we think about the fact that faith is also contagious?  And it may not be outwardly evident, but aren’t you built up in your faith by the strong faith of others?  I know I am.  We simply do not know when our faith has been an important contagion caught by others.  Oswald Chambers says that God “is pouring rivers of living water through you, and it is of His mercy that He does not let you know it.” (My Utmost for His Highest, August 30th).  If we knew, we might make it about us, instead of Him.

I’m going to regularly mind myself that faith is contagious, and may we, as believers, be highly contagious for His glory and not our own!

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