Jackson 5 Friday: Losing One-Hundred-Fifty Pounds

No, I haven’t lost one-hundred-fifty pounds.  I mean I am far from my ideal weight, but not that far!  However, a child’s grasp of how much a six-foot mama weighs or how much she could possibly lose can be disconcerting.

In August, I was vacationing with my family and one night I was lying in bed with my nine-year-old son, Will.  We were just talking about our trip and about life.  There is no television where we stay and no internet.  It’s a fabulous place for lying on the bed to chat.  And so there we were.  It was pretty divine, but then he glanced up at the closet and saw a dress hanging there.  This simple observation changed everything.

“Is that yours?” he asked, confused.

“Yes, it’s mine.”

“How come you’ve never worn it?”

“Well, it’s too tight.  If you see me wearing it, you’ll know that I’ve lost ten pounds.”

“Mom, you are not fat.  Have you seen some other moms?  You are not fat!”

“That’s sweet.  I appreciate that, but I eat too much.”

“I mean you aren’t skinny or fat.  You are just in the middle.”

I laughed a bit at his honesty.  “You are right.  But I need to move just a little closer to the skinny end.”

“Well, have you seen those commercials on T.V.?  Some people have lost like 150 pounds!  You could always call one of them.”

I didn’t see that one coming.  The candor of children: hilarious.  Of course, his perspective is dead on.  Why should I travel with a dress too small to wear?  Why should I even own one?  If I want to be that size, I should just do something about it.  And following up on one of those drastic commercials isn’t even necessary.  I just need to eat less and exercise more.  I can help myself by drinking more water too.

I’m sharing this story because I think it’s funny, and I needed to write it down before it is forgotten, but will you pray that I will do these three things specifically?  Eat less.  Drink more water.  Exercise faithfully.  After all, Paul makes it pretty clear, “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” (1 Corinthians 6:19).  Can you also pray that I will live by this truth?

And perhaps sometime soon I’ll be sporting that cute dress that’s yet to be worn!