Jackson 5 Friday: Sleeping on a Toddler Bed

Have you ever slept in a toddler bed?  It may seem impossible, given that I am just a hair under six feet tall, but I actually have.  Of course, it was technically more on, than in, but I’ve slept there more than once.  While very pregnant.  With my gargantuan child.  Not the whole night, but a small portion of quite a few nights.  When I realized that my first son would not yet be two when his baby brother arrived, I decided a toddler bed would be the best transition.  Yes, he was the size of a four-year-old, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put my baby in a bed he could roll out of.  So about a month before the new baby came (I didn’t want Will to think Nate was stealing his bed), we transitioned little Will to his toddler bed (which in case you do not know is the same size as a crib, it’s just that the mattress is laid on a little miniature bed frame).

How I managed to get my pregnant self and son on that bed is a mystery.  But I did it.  I wanted to cuddle with him as much as possible while he was still our only child.  I worried that he’d have a hard time with all the attention and love suddenly being halved and I wanted to soak up my last days of just him, and sometimes I’d fall asleep there.  Silly girl.  Of course now I know that attention-halving is not at all the way it works.  I enjoyed Nate and Sam more as babies because little Will was there too.  He adored them as much as any big brother could, and from the earliest days they gazed up at him with undying affection.  And they remain in awe of him.  Attention halved?  Love halved?  Ridiculous.  Utterly laughable.  More family members have meant more love all around, and I wish we would’ve started earlier and had six boys instead of three.

But the reason I thought about sleeping on a toddler bed is because it is actually in Isaiah.   Isaiah 28:20 says, “The bed is too short to stretch out on, the blanket too narrow to wrap around you.”  What a picture!  You may drift off for a few minutes on a toddler bed, but I can assure you it is not restful.  You cannot get comfortable, no matter what you do.  Contentment escapes you.

In this verse Isaiah is prophesying about Israel and what will happen when they fail to listen to God, but I think this toddler bed, undersized blanket picture describes every human life.  There is no perfect peace outside of Him.  Pascal was right when he said there is a God-shaped hole in our heart that only He can fill.  So where do you turn for peace and comfort?  Do you think things will make you happy?  Do you think love will make you happy?  What is the longing of your heart?

Isaiah said that perfect peace is found in listening to God and relying on Him alone: “[He] will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in [Him].” Isaiah 26:3.

Our lives are busy and full of distractions; steadfast minds don’t happen by accident.  May we be purposeful in seeking and trusting the Lord anew each day!  

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