Jackson Five Friday: Praying Friends, Get Some

Pixar movies are quoted in our house on an almost daily basis, but certainly Toy Story is a classic revered by pretty much everyone.  So surely you remember when Woody implores the toys about moving buddies, “If you don’t have one, GET ONE!”

Well, that’s what I’ve been thinking about today with regard to praying friends.  If you don’t have some, GET SOME!  Because this week hasn’t been the best.  Each member of the Jackson Five has been fighting minor illnesses.  Our schedule has been particularly crazy, our house in Florida has a leaky roof and the dishwasher is broken again, my brother had a health scare, and my husband, who is almost always upbeat, had a terrible day at work on Tuesday.  If we had pets, surely their heads would be falling off!  In the grand scheme, little things.  Yet self-pity crept at the door.

How wonderful it is that Will and I have praying friends, praying friends who are funny to boot.

Will texted our good friend, Michael (a seminary student), to ask him to pray about work.  This is what he got in return.

“Yes.  Of course.  My phone crashed.  I have lost my entire phone book.  I’m sorry who is this?  Call if youd like. I’m just doing homework.”

This cracked me up and lifted my spirits higher than any other possible text.

Then I talked to my friend Emilie and in about 120 seconds unloaded upon her shoulders almost every little grievance that I’ve had this week.  I said, “I feel like screw it.  We should just move back to Florida.”

She looked me in the eye, with great conviction and somehow great humor too, and said, “That is a lie straight from the Devil!”

Then that afternoon she texted me to tell me she was praying for me.  What a comfort to know that even in little things, I have friends who lift up the concerns of my heart.

Galatians 6:2 says, “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

So who is helping you carry the concerns of your heart?  Who is helping you fulfill the law of Christ?

7 thoughts on “Jackson Five Friday: Praying Friends, Get Some

  1. Christina says:

    Yet again, in the middle of your own chaos, you bring laughter and a smile to others. I adore your heart and humor. Keep it coming. Oh, and do you want soup????

  2. Kim says:

    I’m with Emilie! And that text from Will’s friend is hilarious! Love you and praying for His grace, peace, hope and healing to be abundant in your hearts and home.

  3. It’s 6:28am on Saturday, March 10, but I just read my devotional from indeed for March 9, 2012 — the day I wrote this blog but never got to my devotional! Here is an excerpt: “We are never more like Christ than in prayers of intercession.” — Austin Phelps. And this too: “How persistent are we in seeking God’s help for the needs of others? When we are told to ‘carry each other’s burdens’ (Galations 6:2), do we interpret that as a brief mention in a prayer meeting? Or are we zealous and bold in our approach to God? Far from offending God, this boldness pleases Him. In this parable [the persistent neighbor in Luke 11] , He almost begs His disciples to pester Him, to keep on asking. Let us consider our zeal on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ and of a needy world. Does it equal the boldness of the persistent neighbor?”

    Stunning and yet so so typical too!

  4. Lesley Murphy says:

    Love your blog…concur with Emilie…you have a praying friend here who’s also had a rough week. When we are weak, He is strong! Trusting Him every minute to carry us through to His glory!!! =)

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