Jackson Five Friday: “Did he bring da brudders?”

My husband, Will, picked our sons up from school a few minutes ago.  Sammy happened to be sitting on my lap, telling me about his day, and asking, shockingly, to watch Backyardigans.

When Will pulled up I said, “Let’s see what Daddy wants to do.”

Sam lept off my lap saying, “Did he bring da brudders?”  Oh how Sam loves “da brudders.”

And Sam is really leading a very different life than his brothers had.  I read to them more, colored with them more, took them to the park and playdates more.  They weren’t forced to attend baseball games when they were tired and cold and grumpy.  They weren’t constantly being told, “Get in the car” to take or pick someone up from practice.  Then again they didn’t have attentive and loving big brothers, who read and played and teased and taught day after day after day.

The brothers adore Sam, and he eats up every second he can with them.  Yesterday, they all “washed” my car.  Then they “raced” leaves in the little river running down the street — the result from the alleged car washing.  The delight of Will and Sam over this simple game was touching.  And Nate is playing baseball with Sam in the backyard as I write this, praising his catching and hitting with uncommon enthusiasm.

The inspiration for this blog, Hebrews 10:24 says, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”  It certainly isn’t the case that the this is universally true in my home.  Believe me, there is spurring and sparring in the other direction as well!  But how wonderful to see these sons of mine loving each other well.

May dese brudders continue spurring each other on to love and good deeds!

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