Jackson Five Friday: My Big Brudders

Sammy Jackson has the distinct blessing of having two older brothers, just like I do.  What a privilege to be loved and looked after by two big brothers.

My brother Craig died in a plane crash ten years ago today.  I have written about this unexpected and horrific loss in a couple of different places (my book, an article in Knowing & Doing, and in P31 Woman Magazine), but today I miss him most for his companionship and love.  I could hang out with him doing nothing for probably a year and love every second of it.  Man, did we have fun!  How great to know in the depths of your soul that someone adores you and would do anything for you.

My brother Jeff had surgery this morning.  Yes, sort of a tough day for my sweet mom!  Jeff had his gallbladder out which we are all hoping will clear up the chronic symptoms he’s been having for months.  And amazingly Jeff is an incredibly fun and sweet guy too.   How blessed am I?  Jeff is eleven and a half years older than me, and Craig was four years younger than Jeff, so it is not surprising that growing up I saw a lot more of Craig.  When I was in first grade, Jeff was a senior, so that gives you some perspective.

But anyway, I distinctly remember the first time one of Jeff’s buddy’s said something that expressed some level of interest in me.  I do not remember the guy or what was said.  I do remember where we were, that the comment was harmless, and that Jeff’s reaction was not so harmless.  His stature is quite intimidating, and so I was quite certain in that moment that if Jeff Huber didn’t want someone to so much as look at me, well then, they wouldn’t.  And that protection has been a comfort to me.  Jeff has my back.  He loves me; he would drop anything and everything to help me out.  Will you pray that this surgery cures his symptoms?  I would so appreciate that.

Are you blessed with brudders?  Why not give thanks for them right now and let them know how much you love them.

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5: 18

7 thoughts on “Jackson Five Friday: My Big Brudders

  1. Jean P.Taylor says:

    Kristie, I am praying for Jeff and for all of you on this significant day. May God comfort you all and may Jeff be completely well after this surgery. Give Judy a big hug for me. Love, Jean Taylor

  2. priesterpam@aol.com says:

    My friend, wow, a decade. Amazing. I consistently stand in awe of the family relations you enjoy — with your husband, your sons, your niece, your mom, your sister, etc. etc. Each is a beautiful witness! Reading the above gives me another glimpse off the fabric of who you are — so special. Tough day. Can’t imagine you had to wait on Jeff’s surgery news too. Trusting that all is well. God bless each of you. Thanks for your writing. I love it!

  3. Jennifer R says:

    Praying that Jeff’s surgery went amazingly well! I remember that day a decade ago(can hardly believe that it has been that long) that your sweet brother Craig went to be with the Lord. I am sure you still miss him dearly, but the precious memories of a loving brother will be with you always! I love my little brudders just like you love your big brudders. Don’t get to your blog near enough, but am always inspired and touched when I do. Hugs and kisses to you and all the boys in your life!!

    • Jennifer, you were indeed a prayerful friend for me on that dreadful day a decade ago. Thank you for your kind words, your faithful prayers and your enduring friendship. Let’s try to meet for lunch when school kicks off again. Love to YOU!

  4. Deanna (Mazurowski) Anderson says:

    I went to high school with Craig (WMHS/83). As we are preparing for our 30 year reunion, I am saddened to hear of his passing. His presence will be missed. Prayers to you and your family.

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