Marriage Monday: A Union of Forgivers

This morning I am writing in my prayer journal at Caribou Coffee in Shirlington, Virginia.  Not a usual spot for me, but I just dropped my sweet mom off at the airport and I love this little area, so full of pedestrians, and oddly, dogs.

This Marriage Monday I am praying that I will be committed in my marriage, that I will build Will up, that I will love and respect him unconditionally.  And I am praying this for my friends and family as well.

Ruth Graham, the wife of Billy Graham, who passed away in 2007, said that “a good marriage is the union of two good forgivers.”  I want to be a good forgiver, and pray that my husband will continue to be one too.  May we all be expert givers of grace!

Paul wrote that love “keeps no record of wrongs.”  A pretty amazing statement if you stop to think about it.  Not a short record, not a brief record.  No record.  Wow.  How different would our world look if lots of us tapped into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to forgive our spouses and keep no record of wrongs?

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