This I Know Wednesday: Feelings are Overrated

Sometimes we can get hung up on emotion.  We can put things off, or decide against some worthy pursuit because we just don’t feel like it.  And that’s often a mistake, because feelings can be overrated.  If I only ran when I felt like it, I would never take a single stride.  Ever.

But it is a truism that right feelings follow right actions.  I have lived this out in so many areas of my life, from not feeling like making a phone call to heading to the gym to attending a meeting to making dinner to volunteering at church.  If I do the right thing, I often find that I like it and that being “all in” is somehow emotionally recharging.

My pastor, Lon Solomon, spoke about this on Sunday, but with more eloquence and imagery.  He said our feelings are the caboose of the train, and that the engine leading the train is the truth of Scripture.  For example, we may not always feel like God loves us so much that He sent His Son to save us, but that’s the truth, and when we act on the truth eventually that caboose will come around.  I highly recommend checking out Lon’s last three messages — truly some of his very best (Genesis: Our Salvation in Christ, Parts 1, 2 and 3).

So the question is, where is a lack of feelings constructing a road block in your life?  Where are you not believing that the caboose will eventually arrive?  Are you caught up in appearances when the truth is that God looks at the heart?  Are you feeling down and dejected about all that you fail to get done (my house is almost never clean, the laundry is never done, and I am a terrible friend in terms of answering phone calls and emails)?  Because our value and identity should be found in Christ and His grace — never our accomplishments.

May we live according to the truth that right feelings follow right actions, obeying and clinging to God’s Word, confident that before too long the caboose will come chugging into view.

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