Jackson Five Friday: Angels Win!

On Tuesday night my husband had to work overnight and so the boys and I watched a movie called “How to Train Your Dragon.”  It wasn’t terrific, but it wasn’t bad.  Nate was horrified by one scene though.  It involved the boy hero and a girl.  The girl punches the boy in the arm and says, “That was for kidnapping me,” and begins to walk away but then comes back, kisses the boy on the cheek and says, “That was for everything else.”  Poor Nate never should’ve let on that this was so horrible for him.  Because obviously I’ve been punching him and kissing him every chance I get.  Natey Boy laughs good-naturedly, but feels compelled to point out, “I didn’t kidnap you.”

Then tonight Nate had a baseball game.  His first at-bat went to full count, and I can always tell by his big, dramatic exhales that he’s feeling the pressure.  He fouled the next pitch off and blew out 85 cubic tons of air again.  Man, that sweet little face of his pulls at my heartstrings.  But then he clobbered the next pitch for a double and two RBIs.

His team, the mighty, yet somehow winless Angels, were up 6-3.  A couple innings later, Nate went in as pitcher.  Oh my.  Parenting pitchers makes every part of an inherently slow moving game matter immensely.  I want their teams to win, if they are on the  bench, in the outfield or home sick, but I only find overthrown balls and missed catches gut-wrenching when my son is on the mound.

When Nate went in the Angels were leading by 2.  Over two innings only one guy got a hit off of Nate, and he had four strikeouts.  However, he also walked five guys!  So stressful.  The last out was a strikeout, and Nate beamed his way over to the dugout where the Angels were celebrating the 13-12 victory.  Finally.

Maybe you can guess what I did on the way to the car.  I punched him the arm and said, “that was for the double.”  Then I leaned down to kiss his flushed little face and said, “that was for everything else.”

Cannot even tell you how much I love it that even though he didn’t want to laugh, he couldn’t help himself.

Thanking God today for the truth of Ecclesiastes: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…[including] a time to laugh.”

So very grateful laughter is on the list.  May I cherish these times.

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