Marriage Monday: Pink Floyd and Quantity Time


This weekend the Jacksons made three separate trips to Germantown, Maryland for little Will’s swim meet. This meant a lot of time in the car and hours to kill for little brothers at the meet. I know many would choose to send one parent so that 3/5 of the family could stay home (it’s easy as pie to send frequent text and video updates). It’s sort of tempting, except that I’m a huge proponent of quantity time. You never know when a little adventure or a profound conversation will transpire, and we need to have lots and lots of shared experiences.

On the way home yesterday we heard Pink Floyd’s Time on the radio. After we listened to the song, I read the lyrics aloud from my phone which actually includes additional lines from a reprise. Sammy did not have many thoughts, but for the rest of us, it was a very fruitful discussion. It’s a simple example but this is the kind of quality that happens only in the midst of quantity.

The Bible says that two are better than one — if either of them falls down, one can help the other up. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10). Clearly there’s a teamwork component to marriage but how can you be a team-player without putting in hours beside your mate? How can you spur each other on or pick each other up without being together?

So how are you spending quantity time with your mate? If you aren’t spending enough time together, are you willing to embrace something that your spouse enjoys even if it’s not a life-long interest of yours?

Praying tonight (and this morning when I wrote essentially the same post but then accidentally deleted it) that Will and I will continue to embrace and enjoy quantity time!

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