This I Know Wednesday: I Don’t Need to Understand

As a follower of Jesus Christ I am called to trust my Lord and Savior with every moment of every day. My pastor, Lon Solomon, has said that God’s prevailing message in the Bible can be summarized in two words: “Trust me.” And guess what? We don’t need to understand to trust. It takes faith. We need to cling to His promises — that He is Sovereign, that He has a plan, that things work together for good for those who love Him (Proverbs 16, Jeremiah 29:11 , Romans 8:28). But we do not need to be given any a-ha moments like “oh, I see what He is doing” to trust. In fact, we can be pretty sure that much of the time we won’t understand at all. Ravi Zacharias talks about how fine silks are woven in India (The Grand Weaver). The process and the backside of the silk look like a chaotic mess, but the weavers know precisely what they are doing. And when we see the finished product — that beautiful and orderly front side — we are amazed.

Can you trust that there is a front side for your life? Even if you can’t see it? Can you trust that God knows what He is doing?

I hope so, because we don’t need to understand to trust.

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