Jackson Five Friday: My Baby Ain’t No Baby

My son Will, who turned eleven last month, is a responsible guy. He takes pride in keeping track of his things. He is orderly and when he gets home from school, he does his homework right away not because I ask him to, but because he likes to “knock it out.” He also has a pretty jam-packed sports schedule. So when he asked for a cell phone for his birthday, I caved. It’s useful with sports, he’s responsible, and the incremental cost is minimal. We just added him to our existing plan.

But seeing how the phone is used is more fun than I expected. He loves to text Gramma. One day we were out grocery shopping, just little Will and me. He was texting with Gramma and pushing the cart, then he told me Gramma was out grocery shopping too. Funny that his one little phone was wreaking havoc in two grocery aisles more than 500 miles apart.

Then on Wednesday, he texted his twenty-six-old cousin, Caitlin.

Will was sitting there with their mutual Gramma and wondering if they might see Caitlin before Thanksgiving Day, so he texted her: “What are you doing tonight?”

Caitlin didn’t know it was her little cousin, and Thanksgiving Eve tends to be a big night out for singles. It was reasonable to assume the texter was no mere child.

She texted back, “I’m sorry, who is this?”

Will answered: “Dub.”

Such a funny exchange! Will probably can’t appreciate how comical it is, but one day he will. And I’m sorry to say that day will be here before we know it. Actually I’m sure that stage will have its own joys and challenges, but may I cherish every last moment of innocence.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever” Psalm 118:1

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