This I Know Wednesday: “No one ever spoke like this man.”

“No one ever spoke like this man.” That’s what people said about Jesus in the Gospel of John, and it’s no wonder. If you read chapters six and seven, which lead to this statement, you will find some radical claims. For example, Jesus boldly claims that His teaching is not His own but from God. He claims to be from heaven. And He claims to be the bread of life.

We know now, although no mere man could have known it two thousand years ago, that every culture on earth has some form of bread. And we all consume bread with a joyful heart. It’s far from the drudgery of taking a multivitamin. I never have to force myself to eat a slice of freshly baked bread to survive! No, I am always willing. In fact, bread is a consistent craving.

But how does that relate to Jesus being the bread of life? He said, “whoever feeds on this bread will live forever” (John 6:58). Are our efforts to know Jesus through prayer, study, and fellowship more like taking a vitamin or relishing a buttery croissant? I want it to be the latter, don’t you? I want to consume my daily bread, trusting that it is the most fulfilling, most sustaining, most joy-giving thing I can possibly do with my time.  May my life better reflect the truth that Jesus is indeed the bread of life.

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