Jackson Five Friday: Eschatological Sam and the Mayans

Not long ago Sam was on a kick, where compulsively, every night right before bed, we had to have the same exact eschatological conversation.

He’d say: “On this last day will it be a different earth or no?”

I’d answer: “No.”

He’d confirm: “It’s going to be this earth?”

I’d answer: “Yes.”

I’ve wondered where “this last day” came from. He is not highly skilled with units of time. When he is referring to “today” he says something akin to “a-day.” Sometimes when he is referring to something we did yesterday, he’ll say, “last year we…” One time after swim practice last summer (and they practice every day), Sam said goodbye to some friends by yelling, “See ya next year!” This cracked da brudders up. So sometimes it’s hard to tell if Sam’s misstatements are for comedic effect, or if he really doesn’t know.

But “this last day” business has been a mystery. He has never heard of the Mayans or Nostradamus. But I believe I’ve sniffed out its derivation just this morning. The children’s Bible that Will reads with the boys does end with a little chapter on Revelation. It is called “The New Jerusalem.” And my guys did all finish a read-through a few months back. So the puzzle is coming together!

The chapter tells about John’s vision of “the new heaven and the new earth” (John 21:1). It says, “At last God will live with men and they with him, and there shall be no more death or weeping nor pain” (21:4).

What an incredible promise. What a timely promise.

No more death. No more tears. No more pain.

Setting dates is nonsense, but believing on the promise is wisdom. May we take comfort in the fact that this horribly fallen world, will be set right!


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