Jackson Five Friday: My Noncomformists


Yesterday my family went to Legoland. There were a few others there. We even ran into a family we knew. Crazy. But some of the lines were quite long. Coastasaurus? Sixty minutes. The Dragon? Sixty minutes. A burger? Forty-five minutes. But we made our way to the back of the park and the roller coaster that simulates flight, Flying School, had a wait time of five minutes. Total bonanza. Sam was a little reluctant, but was convinced to go when I promised him that the ride did not do any “flips.”

I rode with the three boys, all screaming happy screams, laughing and exhilarated. As we got off and walked to the exit, the big boys decided to get right back in line, and Sam was still grinning his unhinged grin over the experience.

“Do you want to go again?” I asked.

“No, thanks,” Sam answered, still smiling.

Then we went over to Boating School, where you steer the boat along a little manmade river. Admiral Sam caused the biggest boating tie-up in the history of Legoland (pictured above), and was totally nonplussed about commanding his own ship.

On Christmas morning, we had to practically drag him out of bed.

In May of 2010 I had a graduation party for Will. Some friends brought their adorable daughter who, at that time, was about ten. She chased Sammy around the whole night. If you want a three-year-old to fall in love with you, chasing is the secret. Ever since that day, Sam has madly loved this girl. He smiles all over himself every time he lays eyes on her, which is often. When we opened their Christmas card this year, he was mesmerized by her picture. So I said something like, “Oh is she just one of your favorites, Sam?” And he answered, decidedly, “No, she is,” pointing to the mom.

Whatever the conforming answer or action is, Sam ain’t giving it to you!

I’m not sure what this means. What will his nonconformism look like in the years ahead? I hope it protects him from negative peer pressure, and helps him to be his own man.

After all, Jesus was a nonconformist too. He was totally impervious to the expectations of others. He came to love, to fulfill prophesy, to model for us how to live, and to die and pay the price for our sins. And best of all he came to defeat death. Praise God that Jesus has victory even over death.

No matter how Sam’s nonconformism serves him in life, I am glad to know the ultimate nonconformist as Lord and Savior.  I hope YOU know Him too.

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