This I Know Wednesday: No One Has It Together


Do you know people who seem to have it all together?  Well, it’s a facade, good old-fashioned smoke and mirrors.  And I sure hope you know that I’ve never even sniffed having it together!  I’m disorganized and undisciplined, a chronic underachiever.  That’s not some kind of false modesty — it’s God’s honest truth.  The reason that I want to be clear is that just the other day one of my readers told me she was under the impression that I sort of do have it all together.  I was horrified, practically speechless.  Because I feel like I’m pretty vulnerable, admitting to regular visits by The Other Mother, a propensity to self-pity, and a crazed desire to be right.  And if you’ve read my book — and I really thought this woman had — you’d be familiar with many, many embarrassing confessions of imperfection.

But the truth is, even the person who does a stellar job of projecting perfection, is wholly imperfect.  Sometimes when we really admire someone, the truth of their fallenness is disheartening.  This kind of esteem is usually not very intimate.  It’s directed toward someone we know from a distance.  Because if you know someone well, you know they fall short.  Really short.  I don’t know Billy Graham, but I am certain that even that sweet man of God has some character flaw.  And honestly I wouldn’t find it horribly disheartening to learn what it was — the man is human.  My pastor is human.  Yours is.  Ravi Zacharias is human.  My friend, Tom Tarrants, who is the sweetest, most gentle, most humble former terrorist you’d ever want to meet, is human too.  The Bible says that we all fall short (Romans 3:23).  And until the sanctifying work of Jesus Christ is complete (not in this life, mind you) we will never reach perfection.

On the other hand, every single one of us is pursued with an insatiable love by God.  As C.S. Lewis wrote, “There are no ordinary people.  You have never talked to a mere mortal” (The Weight of Glory).  We are all eternal beings, and if you answer the door of your heart where Christ is knocking, you will live forever with Him (Revelation 3:20).

I sure hope you know I’m not perfect.  I sure hope you know you aren’t perfect.  And I sure hope and pray you’ve answered the door of your heart where the only perfect person faithfully and tirelessly knocks.

2 thoughts on “This I Know Wednesday: No One Has It Together

  1. amyctilson says:

    This is excellent!! I’m sure I’ve left you with the same feeling some Tuesday morning- yeah, right! ;). I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head with the idea that we only think people we don’t really know have it all together. So, so good!! Now I need to read about your terrorist friend.

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