This I Know Wednesday: Wellness Can Be Feigned

My son, Nate, didn’t feel well on Monday. He fell asleep on the couch about three minutes after arriving home from school, which was a first. Then he slept the whole night and feigned a full recovery on Tuesday. Why you ask? Because he had a basketball game and he knew if he didn’t go to school, he wouldn’t play in the game. So he rallied. I have no idea how he managed to put color in his face and smile excitedly. But it was an Oscar-winning performance! Because on the way home from the game, Nate was a puddle of tears. “I feel horrible,” he cried.

And I feel horrible this morning to realize I was schnookered by him. He had no business playing in that game, despite his amazing performance.

Will you pray Nate makes a full and speedy recovery? I sure would appreciate that.

And let us not feign wellness. Because isn’t that the standing joke for church-goers? On Sunday mornings people greet each other with smiles and howdys and good-to-see-yas. Think about when someone asks, “Well, how are you?” Do we sometimes answer “Just great!” or “Doing well,” when the truth is we are hanging by a thread? Let’s not do that! May we instead be transparent and open. Because until we are, there isn’t really any way to spur one another on to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24).

Well, off to the pediatrician.

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