Jackson Five Friday: More Phone Failure

On President’s Day I took the boys skiing. We got up early and arrived at Whitetail when it opened. Of course, arriving marks the onset of one of the worst half-hours in all of motherhood. I’ve given birth with less effort and pain than getting three boys in boots and skis. Will, by God’s grace, is now able to put everything on himself, and even carries others’ equipment. This past week he was a little pack mule, carting gear and our cooler from the drop-off area to the lodge. He made multiple trips without a single complaint. When I thanked him again that night, he said, “I like to help.”

But Nate and Sam still require assistance. Lots of it. Nate can barely don boots without approaching tears. And of course, the best way to have children keep track of the gear (coat, gloves, balaclava, helmet) is to wear it (well, actually this applies to me too). When they are all dressed, and click those boots into the skis, I think that beautiful, locked-in noise produces some kind of high, not dissimilar to the postpartum hormone. Because I can barely keep from smiling. Yes! We did it!

Will and Nate headed off, with Will’s cell phone at the ready. Sam and I went over to the gentlest green. It wasn’t long before my phone rang.

Oh boy, I thought, when I saw it was little Will. But he wasn’t there.

A little while later he called again. And again. All by accident. One time I didn’t hear it, and he left me an accidental two minute long message, which of course I listened to in its entirety to see if he was yelling at Nate for slowing him up.

But the message only contained three words: “Are you okay?” I don’t even know who Will said this to, but it made me happy to hear it.

Clearly we are not be making much headway in the phone etiquette department, but I am so grateful for many opportunities to teach my boys all kinds of lessons. Time with them is such a gift. May I never take a single second for granted.

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12.


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