Convictions, Spurring and Multiplying

In some ways, I am pretty open about my faith and life.  I’ve been blogging with varying degrees of regularity since 2008 with more than 300 posts, and I’ve published a book as well.  But I’ve been convicted lately over my lack of boldness.  I’ve often aimed to make my writing more reflective than proscriptive, because I have a scared stiff fear of coming across as preachy.  As a writer, as a person, what could be worse?

But in some respects I’ve let that fear muzzle my writing.  I believe part of it has been trying to appeal to a wide audience.  Honestly, when I first started blogging I had dreams of being discovered as a writer, of having my blog go viral.  But that hasn’t happened, and over time I’ve realized that’s not really what I want anyway.  I am not the kind of person who would be good at building online community.  That skill set is just plain not mine.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with my in-the-flesh community.   In fact, that’s another area of recent conviction: I am miserable about making myself available to my friends.  Miserable.  And that needs to change.

One source of these convictions is a series that we are doing at my church called Multiply.  It is a Bible study by Francis Chan and my pastor, Lon Solomon, is leading the church through the study and everyone is supposed to go through the book in a small group (I haven’t even started the small group part yet).  But as is usually the case with Franny Channy (that’s how my husband and I lovingly refer to him), the Multiply book is full of challenging and profound quotes.

One is that “[t]he emphasis of Multiply is to get you in the habit of passing on the knowledge you gain.”  How are you doing on that?  Do you hold back because you fear coming across as preachy or a know-it-all?  What keeps you from passing on what you know about God, about life, about raising kind and loving children, about building strong relationships?  No one apart from Jesus has ALL the answers, but are you faithful about sharing the answers you do have?

Another Franny Channy quote is that we need to “share life, not just information.”  And this gets back to my availability problem.  I love writing and sharing — it’s incredibly fulfilling for me, and I miss it terribly when I don’t carve out time to do it.  But I’d rather have two readers that I know and love, than one hundred I’ve never met.  This blog then is not about building online community — but about sharing with YOU, my friend.  So with all of that as background, I hope to post more faithfully in the days ahead and am praying that my posts will be affirming and true and funny, boldly pointing to Jesus as “the way, the truth and the life”  (John 14:6).

I learn so much through the process of writing and I am grateful and honored that YOU, my friend, would take the time to read.  It truly means so much to me.  May we spur one another on and multiply with abandon!

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