The Flying Jacksinis?

Do you have a distinct family identity?  Whether it be a tradition or just a way of doing something, do you have occasion to think, “Yeah, this is how we roll.”  I hope so because it gives you an incredible sense of belonging.  I know this for two reasons: (1) The Flying Hubertos; and (2) The Jackson Five.

My siblings were 11, 9, and 7 when I was born.  Yes, it seems Kristie Erin Huber was not a planned pregnancy!  But our house was not like any other I knew.  There were people, mostly teenagers, coming and going so much, with so much activity, and so many pranks, and so much laughter,  and so many minor setbacks (once my mom got the time wrong for my cousin’s wedding, which was kind of a big deal in itself, but was exacerbated by the fact that we lived down the street from the church and when the wedding guests were driving by, we were washing cars in the driveway).  My uncle (not the father of the bride, and who at the time had one angelic little girl) shook his head in wonder at our family — a live circus — and dubbed us The Flying Hubertos.  My childhood was not very typical, but man I loved being a Flying Huberto!  You can imagine too the contrast of my own teenage years with mostly just me, my mom and dad.  Thankfully all my siblings and my little niece were at our house with great frequency!

I hope my own boys have a strong sense of family identity and I think they do.  I mean, they must, because I feel like we do things as the Jackson Five that are memorable and fun and intentional.  We take trips, we go out for special family dinners, we eat at home and linger at the table playing Bible trivia, we play cards.  When Will isn’t injured he plays backyard baseball and backyard basketball.  Surely there are lots of occasions for Jackson boys to think, “Yeah, that’s how we roll!”

But yesterday was more akin to The Flying Jacksinis.  Dub had swim practice at 5:30 a.m., then basketball practice, and then, and I’m not making this up, he raked leaves with his baseball team for four hours. Clearly, we’ve got to make that child drop a sport for his sanity and ours, but that’s another story.  While he was out, the four of us went car shopping for Will.  We had made our decision and were going back to pick up the new car.  I tried to track down Dub.  I kept calling his cell phone but he couldn’t hear it because of the leaf blowers.  Finally we found him and swung by and picked him up on the way to the dealership.  Did we drive by our house to drop off his rake?  Of course not.  It was a mile out of the way.

When we pulled up they had the new car all washed up and shiny.  The five of us got out of the old car to be traded in, Dub with giant rake in hand (predictably he refused to carry the rake into the dealership, so we foisted it off on Nate who doesn’t give a hoot about such things).  We went in to sign the paperwork, which somehow always takes approximately seventeen times longer than it should.  Finally, it was time to drive away in the new car.  Since the salesman still had some features to go over, Dub, Nate, Sam and I piled in the back seat — yeah a little tight, but it was cold outside.  The salesman sat in the front passenger seat and linked Will’s phone and demonstrated some of the many options.  When he wrapped it up, and congratulated us one more time, I got out to move to the front.  And there was our rake lying on the pavement.

Our salesman looked perplexed.

“Are you going to take that?” he asked.

My husband then leaned his head over his crutch lying length-wise in the middle console nearly poking the middle of the backseat, and addressed our salesman.

“We don’t go anywhere without a crutch and a rake,” he panned.

I laughed halfway home.  I called my mom to tell her but I couldn’t because I was laughing so hard.

She kept saying, “what now?”  Laughing a little because I was laughing, but not really getting what I was saying till the third or fourth try.

Ah, yes, being part of a family who says, “We don’t go anywhere without a crutch and a rake.”  That’s how we roll.

Being part of an earthly family is an incredible blessing, and I never want to take that for granted.  But it isn’t the biggest blessing, the biggest blessing is being part of God’s eternal family through His son, Jesus Christ.  My identity is definitely wrapped up in being a Huberto/Jacksini, but most of all it is defined by being the daughter of the one true King.

3 thoughts on “The Flying Jacksinis?

  1. Jennifer Church says:

    Loving catching up with your blog this morning Kristie. Should be working, but laughing at the Flying Jacksinis is so much more fun. HYSTERICAL that you all were washing cars as wedding attendees were driving down the street to go to the wedding. And reading about things your boys do and say is the reason why it’s hard to not just smile at them every time I see them at school or recess. Blessings on your week… Jennifer

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