Jackson Five Friday: Love Thy Neighbor


Last week I wrote that I would divulge an embarrassing, convicting story about my lack of neighborliness.  It was Memorial Day Weekend 2013 so we, of course, found ourselves at our beloved pool.  Will and I were relaxing on lounge chairs which faced the diving well.  A set of twin boys arrived that were older teens — totally adorable and fit.  These boys started doing their stunts off the high dive and I looked at them perplexed.

“Where do we know those guys from,” I asked Will.

He gave them a once over.  “I don’t know,” he said.  “Here, I guess.”

“No,” I answered.  “We know them from somewhere.”

Will was unconvinced.  “You’ve just seen them here before,” he said.

But I was sure I it wasn’t just the pool.

Imagine my surprise when I saw one of them a few days later hauling in the trash can NEXT DOOR.  I recognized these twins because they are literally our next door neighbors.

Yes, the words of Jesus can sting like the dickens: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself.’”  I can hardly love them without knowing them, can I?

Ah, but God is good.  He gave me a tiny little way to love my neighbor this week.  He faithfully orchestrates my life in such meaningful and undeniable ways.

Trash day was Wednesday and the ten-year-old, hockey-loving girl that lives diagonally across the street had left her lovely full-sized net near the trash can, just by happenstance.  A woman driving by thought it was a dirty rotten shame that this perfectly good net was being discarded.  I was sitting at my computer when I saw her tying the net to the roof of her car.  Obviously I had to stop her.

The sweet woman was grateful to learn the net was not being thrown away, and I helped her lift it off her car.  I think she was terribly embarrassed, but I was as gentle as I could be and assured her that I understood completely.  My little neighbor, that I know and love and would recognize anywhere, was beyond thankful when I told her about it.

Baby steps, right.  Baby steps.

Hoping and praying for more opportunities to love my neighbors in meaningful ways.  We truly have the sweetest street — busyness is the lone hurdle.  But now that spring has so vividly sprung and we are all spending more time outside, I hope to be a better, more engaging neighbor.

How do you fulfill Jesus’ commandment to love your neighbor?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


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