Jackson Five Friday: A Really Great Day


Happy Friday, Friends!  It’s a chilly but beautiful day here in Northern Virginia where almost all the trees have leaves and vivid colors are everywhere you look.

Do you ever have a day just chock-full blessings?  I’m sure you do.  Some days pass without much to report, while other days can be pretty amazing.  Yesterday I had the amazing type.

First, I chaperoned a field trip to the Kennedy Center where the National Symphony Orchestra gave a performance for kids.  I thought I had been to something similar before with maybe a handful or so of the musicians alternating between playing and talking.  But yesterday was very different.  It was the full orchestra!  As in 100 musicians playing together!  Music, like anything else that is beautiful or true, reflects the majesty not of human achievement (which is of course impressive) but the infinite mind of the Creator Himself.  We heard Beethoven and Mozart and Mahler and Holst and Strauss.  The NSO meant to demonstrate the extremes in music, but for me, listening to it all felt more like worship.  Beautiful music glorifies God whether or not the performers acknowledge Him.

The second major blessing of the day was that a tree in my neighbor’s yard was cut down.  This huge and beautiful tree had been hit by lightening repeatedly.  There was growing concern about it falling, and if it fell, it looked like it would land directly on on our house, right above Nate’s bed.  Many times over the last few years I’ve made Nate sleep elsewhere in the house.  If I woke up to winds in the middle of the night, I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I moved him.  It may sound kind of silly, but I’m incredibly grateful that tree is no more.  There is a time for everything and it was time for that tree to come down.

Finally, last night my husband and I went to the annual fundraiser for the C.S. Lewis Institute where Ravi Zacharias was the keynote speaker.  I’ve heard him speak a number of times and Will and I met him a few years ago.  That meeting was memorable for us not just because we got to meet Ravi, but because the circumstances made it highly unusual.  We have given modest amounts to his ministry for years, and had dinner with a colleague of Ravi’s before the event.  When we got to the church where Ravi was speaking we were a few minutes late, but this colleague marched us right up to the front row.  We ended up sitting directly next to Ravi.  We were looking at each other like, “Should we tell them we aren’t the Bill and Melinda Gates of Christian Apologetics they must think we are?”  Last night when we talked to Ravi, Will told him about this funny encounter.  A friend kindly snapped the above picture just as we were sharing a laugh with Ravi over it.

Then his remarks at the banquet were predictably insightful and inspiring.  Not unlike the orchestra I heard that morning, an intellect like Ravi’s glorifies God.

One of my favorite devotional writers — the one I read most often — is Chris Tiegreen.  He said, “God’s glory is the point of all creation.  It should be the point of our prayers as well.”

Even as I give thanks for a particularly wonderful day and recognize along with the Psalmist that the whole earth is filled with His glory (Psalm 72:19), I am convicted that my prayers are often downright self-seeking.  I need to change that. Today and the days ahead may the point of my prayers be God’s glory.  What a paradigm shift — from me and my little worries, to Him and His glory.

Praise be to the Lord God, the God of Israel,
    who alone does marvelous deeds.
Praise be to his glorious name forever;
    may the whole earth be filled with his glory.
Amen and Amen.( Psalm 72:19-19)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend beholding God’s glory and making it the point of your prayers.



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