Wedded Bliss Wednesday


Well, friends, I missed posting last Friday because I hosted a little happy hour at my house that day.  But I cannot tell you how much I miss posting when I don’t carve out time to do it.  I was sort of in a funk a few days ago and I told my man, “I know this probably sounds crazy but I think part of my problem is that I haven’t written anything lately.”

That sweet man o mine wisely said, “I don’t think that’s crazy.”

This year is our twentieth year of marriage, and boy we’ve learned a lot these two decades.  We’ve learned to listen to and encourage one another in such meaningful ways.  It’s gratifying that Will knows just what I need.

And one of things I need is a good storyteller.  I love being told good stories as part of daily life.  God was so good to give me a fantastic storyteller.

Just yesterday he told me a great story when he brought me coffee to wake me up.

You’ll need a little bit of background to appreciate the story.  When I was a child we drove from Michigan to Florida a couple of times a year.  My mom loved the now ubiquitous restaurant Cracker Barrel.  Back in the 70’s and 80’s Cracker Barrels were rare, but we always, always stopped there on our road trips.  My brother, Jeff, who is 11 and a half years older than me, was totally against the long stop.  For anything.  And my own family has sided more with Jeff.  We do fourteen hour road trips with total stoppage time of about a half hour.  But my parents were different: Cracker Barrel was a must, even if there was a wait.  One time Jeff was quite irritated that we made the stop when we had been making such good time.

When the food came, things got worse.  Jeff bit into something sharp.  He reached in his mouth and pulled out something that shouldn’t have been in his pulled pork dinner.

“What in the world?!?” he said.  “My gosh that hurt!  It looks like a shark tooth,” he concluded.

My dad in his nonchalant, always understated way. looked at the specimen.  “Mmhh,” he said, “Looks more like a toenail.”

We all thought that was hilarious!  We could not stop laughing.  Well, except for Jeff.  He didn’t think it was funny, not in the least.

Anyway, all that is background for Will’s story.

Yesterday Will woke me up and told me about how he had made himself a post-workout smoothie with our twenty-year-old blender.  Yes, he’d been up for hours before me!  He said the blender was making all sorts of weird noises.  Then a little while later as he was draining the last of the smoothie,  he felt something foreign and hard and sharp in his mouth.

He thought of Jeff and his “shark tooth,” or was it a toenail as Roy had suggested.  Then he pulled the piece of blade pictured above from his mouth.  A piece of blender blade broke off and Will almost swallowed it.

I cannot tell you how funny and horrifying I found this story.  My man could’ve died!  Our lives are so fragile, just like David Goldberg falling off a treadmill.  You.  Never.  Know.  How can we not be thankful for every moment?  And I want to be, whether my husband almost swallows a blender blade or not.

But the Bible is also abundantly clear on this issue.  James writes unambiguously:

Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

James 4: 13-14

I’m a mist that will vanish.  May I be grateful in every moment.  May my life be one lived for Jesus.

Thanks for reading.  It means so much.


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