Jackson Five Friday: The Daytime Date


I hope you’ve had a lovely week and are kicking off a fabulous weekend. I kicked mine off by spending the day with my handsome husband. And really I cannot recommend the daytime date enough.

I know couples who manage to regularly get away without kids. I know others who are faithful to date night. We are not them. We’ve never been good about either.  Our guys are involved in sports to a semi-absurd degree and we don’t live near family, save my twenty-something niece.  Most of the time I’m also just longing to make family memories — although I won’t pretend that’s all the time.

Anyway, the daytime date is about the best thing that’s ever happened to parents of school-aged kids. My husband works long hours — twelve to fourteen hour days are not uncommon.  Once in a while, like today, he’ll take Friday off.   We spent the whole day together, driving the boys to school, hitting the gym,  then we headed toward DC to see World War II planes flying over the National Mall for VE Day.  We ate a leisurely lunch outside at a yummy spot in Arlington.  We had so much time to just talk.

At lunch Will said something sweet and sincere about what a good mother I am, which compelled me to tell him how I’ve totally blown it this week.  I told him how convicted I’ve been about something with one of our sons.  It wasn’t something I’d been thinking we need to talk about.  But  so many good things happen when you have quantity time — conversations can get beyond the tidbit summation of daily life.  Sometimes it’s surprising where the conversation ends up.

The namesake of this blog is Hebrews 10:24 which says we are to “spur” one another on toward love and good deeds.  The most effective spurring clearly happens inside meaningful relationships. So how are you doing spurring those you are closest to?  Do you need to carve out time to just be with someone?  If it’s your spouse, could you possibly make the daytime date work its magic?

I pray that wherever you are and wherever you go this week, that you will know you are treasured by the King of Kings and that He has a good and perfect will for your life that includes spurring!

With Love,


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