Jackson Five Friday: The Mini Pit


My favorite Psalm and one I’ve often quoted here is 103.  Its beautiful picture of forgiveness is familiar to many, but the Psalm also contains one of the most comforting truisms in all of Scripture.  Specifically, the Psalmist writing of God says, “who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion.”  Certainly, this applies at one level to salvation.  God redeems my life from the pit of death, sorrow and eternal separation from Him, from a lack of meaning and direction, from the insurmountable chasm between me and His standard.  I am so grateful for this redemption on the macro, eternal scale, and I am in awe that I will ultimately be crowned with love and compassion.

But God also graciously redeems my life from the pit on a micro level, and He does it over and over again.  I was in a pit just this week.  Why you ask?  Because parenting is %*@&#-ing hard sometimes.  It can be discouraging, especially when I feel like I am trying so very hard to do it right.  But I reached my limit and my dreaded “other mother” roared out of her shell like a rabid hyena.  And as you may know, not much can condemn one to the pit as quickly and as surely as self-loathing.  But somehow God always reminds me that I do not earn His love.  I am not rescued from any pit — macro or micro, eternal or transient — because I deserve it.  No, I am rescued because He loves me.  No matter what.  The absurdity of being crowned with love and compassion is not lost on me.  No, I am downright giddy with gratitude.  It’s better than winning the lottery, better than any prize this world has to offer.  Nothing could compare to being the redeemed child of the One True King.

I hope you too know the inside and the outside of the pit.  In fact, if we are honest, we all know the inside.  So the only real question is do you know the outside?


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