Jackson Five Friday: The Still Small Voice

Hey Friends,

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted.  We’ve been running a million miles an hour with many good things.  We had out-of-town guests (my much beloved niece, Caitlin, and her fiancé along with dear friends from Virginia), we made a quick, and sadly, sickly trip to South Carolina to spend Easter with Will’s family.  Despite my husband and Nate succumbing like dominos to the dreaded stomach bug while we were there, Little Will, Sam and I had a delightful time!  We had to cancel plans to go see my mom, because we could not risk exposing her to the bug, and on the heels of Sammy succumbing in a decidedly last-but-not-least fashion, we spent four days at the beach above.  Four healthy, sun-filled, sea-smelling, breeze-blowing days as a family felt like a tremendous gift, especially after all being sick.  I was bursting with gratitude for each moment.

And now we are back to reality with three boys playing baseball, Will playing AAU basketball and swim team starting in mid-April (the boys are doing a tune-up type of clinic offered here for summer swimmers, which is awesome).  But life is busy.  I know you know just what I’m talking about.  This last stretch of school is a killer.   Routines are harder and harder.  We sat down to dinner one night this week as a family at 8pm, which is absurd, but I so do not want to give up sitting around the table if it is at all feasible.

In the midst of this season, how do you manage to slow down enough to listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit?  Honestly for me, sometimes I need to just sit.  I need to resist the competing voice that tells me I’m being lazy, that I have so much to do.  I process life best when I write about it, so I need to indulge myself, even if at the end of the day the house looks just like it did yesterday, even if my to-do list just keeps growing.  I’ve been living this life more than four decades.  I know what fills me up.  I know what wears me out.  I know what makes me feel closest to God.  I know how my time is multiplied when my priorities include a time for quiet reflection, study, prayer, and investment in biblical community.   But sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the truth, and by sometimes, I mean all the time.

The prince of this world is a liar, and he is relentless.  If you try to follow Christ and live for Him, the Liar prowls around trying to deceive you day and night.  For instance, he tells me that I suck.  That’s literally what I hear:  “You suck.  You suck as a mom.  You suck as a friend.  You suck as a wife.  You suck as a housekeeper.  You suck at everything.”  And by saying these things, he does what he always does: he uses a nugget of truth with a whole lot of deception.  Because honestly, I do suck.  On my own, I’m unanchored and bent for destruction.  And whether you admit it or not, so are you.  I realize that’s a little harsh, but it’s the truth.  And admittedly some are far more skilled at masking this than I am.  They parade around like they’ve got it together, but that’s a facade.  The Bible is abundantly clear: Apart from Him we can do nothing (John 15;5).  Fortunately, we are not left to our own devices the way the Liar would have us believe.  No, we have unlimited and unfiltered access to the Loving Creator of the Universe, and with Him all things are possible (Luke 1:37).  Amazingly, by beholding Him we become like Him, day by day being transformed, getting better and better at reflecting His light.

Giving ear to the the lies leads to discouragement and destruction.  Clinging to the truth gives you life, hope, purpose and perspective.  The truth is you are loved right where you are.  You are forgiven.  Jesus paid the price for every transgression you’ve ever committed and ever will commit.  This is the truth.  May we listen well, in every season, to the still small voice that whispers over and over and over again: “I love you.  You cannot earn my love.  You cannot lose my love.  I love you.  I love you.  I love you.  No matter what.”  If we listen well and obey His promptings, the truth always drowns out the lies.

Love to all,



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