Jackson Five Friday: My Lap Child 

I’m currently sitting on an airplane with my oldest son, just him and me. It occurs to me that we’ve never done this before — where it’s just us and we each have a ticket, a paid seat. Oh we’ve travelled just the two of us, a lot.  I once counted it up and it was staggering. When this guy was an infant my husband worked a ton, and there was a string of deaths, weddings and births in our family.  We also traveled for pleasure. By the time Nate was born, knocking little Will off as the free “lap” child at 21 months. Dub and I had taken more than 30 flights.  Yes, that strikes me as totally excessive too. 

He was never on a schedule, clearly with that much travel. He learned to sleep anywhere, and was an old pro, packing cars and boardbooks in a tiny red backpack when he was just one.  He was a delight, and so easy.  For the first few months of his life, we flew back and forth to Florida every few weeks, obviously with no knowledge that my brother Craig would die in a plane crash when Baby Dub was just eight months old.  But oh the treasure of the memories made on those crazy frequent trips!  The horror of thinking I could’ve been wedded to nap time or unwilling to nurse my ginormous lap baby wedged between two oversized men on at least one of those flights. 

Life is often complicated. Today it’s not lugging a stroller or a carseat, it’s working out the details of boys in every direction in May, the most insane month of the year.  This morning I went to school with Sam at 7:45 because today is the deadline for his reading goal and he needed to take book quizzes. Then from 8:30 till 10:30 was CultureFest. When Sam finished his presentation, I drove home, threw some random stuff in my suitcase and Dub and I headed for the airport.  My point is this: travel almost always involves stress.  But who cares?  If the point of the travel is to build or maintain relationships, then I say go for it.  Do not wait. Do not say it’s too much. Do not think it’ll get easier.  If you live far from family and friends and can make a visit possible, then for goodness sake, DO IT!!  Attend big events. Go for no reason at all. As much as you can. I promise you won’t regret it. 

Jesus said that we, as the body of believers, will be known by our love for one another. Travel may or may not be required for you to live that out. In the next 48 hours Dub and I get to see many that we love!  May our love be evident and reflect well Jesus’ love for us.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend loving your peeps too. 


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