Did God Really Say?

Hi Friends,

Happy Friday, almost.  Hope your week and your summer are going swimmingly.

I’ve been thinking this week about way back in the Garden of Eden when Satan asked Eve, “Did God really say?”  The subject of course was whether God had told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge or they would surely die. But it’s such a conniving question.  Did God really say?  It plants doubt, it plays on prideful inclinations. Underlying “Did God really say?” is a subtle suggestion that God is not really all-wise or all-good, He must not have things figured out or He wouldn’t say x or wouldn’t say y.  Because in our humanness, in our advanced state of civilization, x or y just doesn’t make sense.  Can’t you just hear the modern culture crying out, “Did God really say x, or y or z?”  The blank can be filled in with myriad examples.  The rationalizations range from pitiful to hilarious and bend logic and Scripture with abandon.

But it’s the same old trick, century after century after century.

For me personally too.  Year after year.  It’s the same old questions, “Did God really say that gluttony was wrong?”  Or “Did God really say that the greedy stir up conflict and bring ruin to their households?” (Proverbs 28:25 and Proverbs 29:4).  It matters not what sin I’m currently falling into, there’s a voice telling me, “Are you kidding?  That’s not a big deal!  Look around.  Nothing to worry about.  You are human after all.  You really think God cares about this little thing?”

But if we know the Bible, we know what God really said.  Eve knew what He really said too. That’s why it’s sin.

For the last few years (four or five I think now), I’ve taken a break from social media and blogging for the month of August.  It helps me be more present in the moment, and also helps me realize how prone I am to fill up little moments with mindless tidbits.  And one thing I know God really said was “Be still and know that I am God.”

This year I think July will be a better fit for my social media fast because of how our schedules are shaking out.  So until August I bid you farewell.  May you listen hard for the still small voice of God, know the enemy is constantly prodding you with, “Did God really say,” and may you crack open God’s Word and learn what He really said.

And I’d love it if you’d pray for me, that I’d spend these next 31 days being stiller and getting to know my Lord and Savior more deeply than ever.

With Love,


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