Jackson Five Friday: 1986

Happy Friday, Friends!

Do you know where you were in August of 1986?  I was getting ready to start high school, which is interesting to remember, given that my oldest son is wrapping up his first week as a high school freshman.  But more than starting high school, August 1986 was magical for an entirely different reason.  On August 19th, 1986 — thirty years ago today — I became an aunt.  My sister gave birth to a huge baby girl with lots of black hair.  Sadly, my mom had injured her back that week and so I moved in with my sister and her husband to help with the new baby.  I was completely nuts about her from those first days.  I remember holding her while she slept, not wanting to put her down.  At fourteen I couldn’t care less about getting stuff done, and I never tired of gazing at and cuddling with Caitlin.

My teenage self recognized this baby as a  blessing, and it wasn’t long before she walked and talked, speaking in full sentences as just a tiny little thing.  Yes, that precocious little girl provided many laughs.  Even still, as much as I loved her those first years, I could never have fathomed the blessing that she’d be in my life.  For thirty years she’s been a light-filled gift, and I can hardly stand the fact that she’s living so far away from me.  To say that I’ve put the hard sell for Tennessee on her new husband is a bit of an understatement.  But truly, I can so picture them here.  In fact, I can pretty much picture Caitlin right by my side wherever I am.  So grateful for the all the times these last thirty years that right by my side is exactly where she’s been.

So on her 30th birthday I am praising God for her life.  What an incredible gift!

Psalm 107:8 says, “Let them give thanks to the Lord for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for mankind.”

His unfailing love is always worthy of thanks, and Sweet Caitlin is one of His wonderful deeds!  Who can you give thanks for today?

Have a fabulous weekend!





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