Jackson Five Friday: Folding the Dang Pain

Hi Friends,

Does your phone try to autocorrect with absurd substitutions?  Mine constantly thinks I want to say, “Yo,” instead of “You” and “Your.”  Why is that?  I mean I know for a fact my phone listens to me.   On Tuesday night I told Nate, “If you help me get those bricks for the garden, I’ll take you to Sonic.”  The next time I opened Instagram there was an ad for Sonic.  I’ve never before seen an ad for Sonic on my phone in any format.  So I know it listens to me, but I don’t go around the house saying, “YO! Adrian!”  Well, not that much anyway.  So why the “Yo?”  It also has started to think that I prefer to communicate exclusively in emoticons.  As if when I type the word “cash,” what I really want is to insert a little bag of money.  How do I make it stop!?!?!

But my most memorable autocorrect happened just last week.  For nearly a decade, Will has made the same request when he leaves the house each day.  He kisses me goodbye, prays for me, and then demands more than requests: “Frequent Updates!!”  He loves for me to text him updates throughout the day.  And I am very good at sending him highlights of happenings with the boys.  I will also text him pics from walks I’m on, or how I’m praying for a certain meeting or presentation or something.  But sometimes, there’s just not much of interest to text.  If I’m incommunicado for too long, I’ll get a prompting from him, sometimes in all caps, but almost always with exclamation points: “UPDATE!!!!”

Even though it is very sweet that Will loves to text with me, once in a while it can rub me the wrong way.  Sometimes I feel like responding, “Dude, if there was anything of import going on, anything of the slightest value from an entertainment perspective, anything that would lift your spirits or be in ANY way worth your time, I would text you.”  I mean sometimes I’m just unloading groceries or vacuuming up the baseball mud that somehow travels to every square inch of the house, it’s just not text-worthy.

Here’s the exchange from last Monday.  I didn’t misspell laundry, by the way.  The stupid phone really thought I meant pain instead.

So if anyone out there knows the algorithm that creates such inane results, I’d love to be enlightened on how to avoid “YO.”

But here’s the thing.  Do you have any idea how much mileage we’ve already gotten out of “Fold the Dang Pain?”  Eleven days out and it’s deeply entrenched in our lexicon, and we cannot say it without laughing.

I’m not great at much.  I’m not a great athlete or artist or gardener, but I am pretty fantastic at three things: (1) Doing incredibly embarrassing things; (2) Learning the geography of new places (I can pretty much start giving directions on day 2); and (3) Extracting every bit of fun from seemingly insignificant experiences like “Folding the dang pain.”

You may be wondering how this has anything at all to do with the vision of this blog, which is to spur one another on to greater love and good deeds.  But there’s actually an underlying principle here that’s vital: Remember.

It is easy for me to remember funny things that happen and relive them ad nauseam.  It is less natural, but more important to continually remember and remind myself of even the most basic truths of God’s Word.  A few months back I printed out a two-page list of verses that remind me of who I am.  I have the list tucked in my Bible, and reading through it is an invariably fruitful endeavor.

How do you systematically remind yourself of who and whose you are?

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us.  Ephesians 1:7-8

Have a fabulous weekend!






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