Jackson Five Friday: The Devil is in the Ideals

Hey Friends,

I don’t know where the phrase “the devil is in the details” came from but as distracting as details can be, the real devil is in the ideals. The persistent perception that others have attained or are living out an ideal is not only wrongheaded, it’s a joy-robbing scheme of Satan. No one has it together. I certainly don’t, and despite moving around and making wonderful friends in various places, I’ve never met a single person who has it all together. Not one. The few who project having figured it all out bear the exhausting burden of trying to keep up appearances.

Yet I often get the impression that many believe in a perfect wife, husband, child, house, marriage, or even life. As if perfection exists, here, on this earth!?! And it’s not like this misconception is just a benign delusion, just a laughable little lie. No, in reality it’s terribly destructive because if people believe perfection exists, they want it. Perfection becomes the expectation, and that’s a foolproof recipe for a miserable life.

Where are you looking for perfection? Where are your expectations most divergent from reality? There is nothing to be gained from holding ourselves or those around us to an unattainable standard.

I think the real issue is one of pride. Maybe we don’t want to grow old or admit we are flawed. Maybe we derive identity through keeping an immaculate home, or staying in great physical shape. Maybe our worth is wrapped up in a career or in being the superstar parent. Or maybe we extend grace to ourselves but burden the people around us with expectations. But freedom is knowing that we can’t earn God’s love, nor can we lose it. And our calling is to love the people in our lives just like God loves us.

If you know Jesus as Lord and Savior then your identity should be wrapped up in being a child of the One True King. As His child, you have His Spirit. And so do I. May our lives and how we love be evidence of this truth.

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:35

With Love,


4 thoughts on “Jackson Five Friday: The Devil is in the Ideals

  1. Mary Gearhart says:

    Kristie, I wish we lived closer and could meet for coffee. I always love your blogs! Thanks for taking time to point us to truth and sanity in this broken world. I look forward to sharing eternity with you some day. Perhaps soon.

    You would have enjoyed the memorial service for your cousin Gayle Armstrong’s husband, Buzz, last Monday. God’s grace was so evident in the eulogies from his kids and grandkids. We felt so blessed to be part of it. Love my Cummins family!

    • Mary! I would so love to meet for coffee. That would be so wonderful. Thankfully we will have eternity to do so…I would’ve guessed that you went to Buzz’s funeral. You are so faithful in being the Cummins clan ambassador and it is so so meaningful. But I was blessed to be there as well, virtually. Veronica posted it via Facebook Live so I got to hear the incredibly sweet stories too. I was so blessed by it. So many lessons from his life. He lived a modest life and look at the impact. I think my favorite moment of all was granddaughter April telling about when she overheard them praying for each grandchild. Also just that he thought everything was the best. Really quite a legacy!!!

  2. Brenda Phipps says:

    Thank you Kristie for reminding me that the only “identity” that I have had in myself that has given me peace has been my identity as a child of God!

    • Me too, sweet Brenda, and usually what reminds me of my true identity comes within some hardship. God draws us closer through it all. Thank you for reading and commenting. It’s such an encouragement.

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