Jackson Five Friday: All Out of Grace

Hey Friends,

I hope you’ve had a great week. I had a good but busy week. I saw a doctor who does not specialize in eyes– that’s twice this year –which for me is really something. He shot my knee up with some steroids. Once again I’m kicking myself for waiting. It’s been less than 48 hours and now the shot up knee is already appreciably better than the other. Don’t wait people.

I had another unusual moment with my husband who is over six-foot-three.

“Hey,” I said. “Can you do me a favor? Can you reach my other boot on top of that shelf?”

He looked at me stunned, like I had five heads. And then he smiled his sexy smile and we laughed.

Truly, it seems terribly unlikely but we are pretty sure that in almost twenty-three years of marriage, that was the very first time I’ve ever asked him to reach something. You might think the extra four inches would’ve come into play at some other point, but evidently not.

A third out-of-the-ordinary moment occurred on my way into traffic court. I was walking in with Dub.

By way of background, he turned seventeen on October 22. He had exactly one year of accident-free driving, and then on his birthday, he got to sleep in. His day started with a free period and he didn’t have morning practice. As I hugged him goodbye I suggested he swing by the coffee truck and get a treat. It was his birthday after all. But a few minutes later he called, wisely assuring me first that no one was hurt, but that he’d been rear-ended. When I made it to the scene, I realized that although he had been hit from behind, rear-ended conjured up something slightly different. Therefore, our trip to traffic court.

On our way in we witnessed an odd exchange. A police officer was telling a woman that the judge had dropped all of the charges and that she was free to go. I could not fathom why this news was not delivered by the judge himself, in the courtroom. But it seemed official enough. The woman was elated.

Dub and I climbed on the elevator.

“Well, Dub,” I said. “There’s two ways of looking at that. Either today the judge is in a mood to extend grace; or the judge just gave all the grace to that woman.”

I love to tease, as a child of Judy Huber it’s kind of a given.

But it got me thinking, aren’t you so grateful that God — the one true and perfect judge — never runs out of grace. He’s never reached his quota for the day. No matter how awful you’ve been, no matter how much you may have disappointed others, there is nothing you can do that will make God give up on you. Jesus is always standing at the door of your heart knocking.

Psalm 103 says He redeems our lives from the pit, and crowns us with love and compassion (verse 4). It’s not like walking into traffic court, anxiously waiting to see what will happen. No, if you answer the knocking, then you get crowned with love and compassion. There’s no mystery in it all. The only unknown is why the door is so often unanswered.

Praying today that I’ll always always answer and that you will too!

With Love,


One thought on “Jackson Five Friday: All Out of Grace

  1. Sandra Ferrell says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely stories and the analogy that rings so true. I need all reminders of His love, Grace and compassion to go through my life.
    I know you are missing your precious Mama this Christmas Season. Grace and love to your family. Merry Christmas. Cousin Sandy.

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