Jackson Five Friday: My People

Hey Friends,

I’ve had an epiphany: my kind of people are more likely to be cashiers in gas stations than zookeepers. Let me paint for you the difference.

I saw that a zoo in El Paso has a vindictive little program coming up this week for Valentine’s Day. You can have a cockroach named after your ex and then they’ll feed it to the meerkats. Seriously. Our culture loves to find ways to fuel rage. I wonder how many cockroaches will be named Donald Trump. I’m also curious how many of those who submit Trump’s name also have a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign in their front yard. Meanwhile, the Bible requires that we love and pray for our enemies. Zookeepers may not be “my people” but I’m committed to loving them and praying for those like them, are you?

Then this morning I had the most delightful three minutes in a gas station. It was a Pilot/Dunkin’ Donuts Express. It was early and I was grabbing some muffins while Will poured our coffees. I walked a few aisles over to grab something for Sam, when a woman yelled out in an extremely loud voice, “Oh my Gosh!”

Will, still back at the coffee station, somehow thinking I was the yeller, answered back very loudly and perplexed, “What???”

I’m easily amused, but the whole thing cracked me up. Then we headed over to the checkout counter, where a man and a woman, both Caucasian, were manning the desk.

The woman said to the man, “Will you call Tommy for his shower.”

“Sure thing,” he said, cheerfully and then boomed into the speaker, “Tommy your shower is ready!”

The woman rang us up. The man took the next customer, an elderly black gentleman.

The black man asked the cheerful white man, “How are you today?

“Better than I deserve, better than I deserve,” he answered with a smile.

“Me too, brother,” the black man said. “If only we could convince more people it’s true, the world would be a better place.”

I don’t think these two are feeding their exes to meerkats, do you? They exude joy and gratitude. They are my people — at least I pray that I am even a tiny bit like them.

One thing is certain: I am a sinner and every minute of every day I get better than I deserve. In eternity the discrepancy will be infinitely wider. Jesus paid it all. I’ll never get what I deserve.

“But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may those who long for your saving help always say, “The Lord is great!””

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭40:16‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Yes, may every person — from gas station attendant to zoo keeper, and all those in between — rejoice, be glad and say “The Lord is great!”

With Love,


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