Jackson Five Friday: Seasons of Waiting

Hey Friends,

Do you want to know what I’m waiting on this week? I’m waiting to see a single ray of sunshine! I truly have grown in my appreciation of the beauty of fog, but I have my limits. Endless fog and rain this week, and I’m so ready for blue skies. If you know me, you’re probably thinking, “Here she goes. She says this every spring.” I think I do. I cannot seem to overcome being overly influenced by weather. I’ve passed this along to at least one son too.

But waiting for fairer weather is one thing, sometimes waiting is much heavier. Do you have some unresolved issue that weighs on you? I do. Well, sort of. There is an area of my life that is aptly described as unresolved. It’s been a true season of waiting. But paradoxically the longer it goes on, the more peace I have. God’s plan is good. I don’t know what it is. But I trust it’s exactly the right thing, and that the timing, despite what feels like a long wait, will also be utterly perfect.

Psalm 27:14 says, “Wait for the Lord. Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” If you are in a season of waiting I hope those words will comfort you. God has a plan for you and I’m praying you’ll trust Him.

Have a fabulous weekend. Sunshine is forecast for Sunday!



2 thoughts on “Jackson Five Friday: Seasons of Waiting

  1. I love that part about how somehow the longer it goes on the more peace you have. I have something similar in my life…I’m finding that by facing what I have been afraid to face, the problem that worries me, I’m getting stronger and finding more peace. Thank you for sharing 💗

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