Jackson Five Friday: Stay Humble, or Stumble

Hey Friends,

Do you sometimes feel like the same message just pops up everywhere you go? Lately, the message for me has been about humility. Two Sundays ago we were out of town and visited a church, where the pastor preached from Philippians 2. He used the following quote: “Be humble, or you will stumble.” This morning I tried to get my boys to reason through whether that applied in anyway to the NBA Finals. I asked if maybe the Warriors were particularly proud. What little I know about KD and Curry I like, but I was curious what my boys would say. They were quite emphatic that no team in the NBA is humble.

Yet stumbling — being injured and facing hardship — reliably humbles us. We can’t guarantee another healthy step, or even another breath. Sometimes when life is sailing along, we grow complacent.

Last week we were back home, and our pastor preached on the same exact text. I also just read Philippians in my daily reading. And yet, no matter how many times this bombards me, it never comes easy.

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Philippians 2:3

Counting others as more significant is not only counter-cultural, it goes against our nature. Our nature is to look out for our own interests.

Interestingly, the two pastors at these two vastly different churches applied the passage in a similar way.

One said, “You should look at the person next to you, and consider that their interests should come before yours.”

The other said, “How often do you consider yourself the least important person in the room?”

Perhaps the embarrassed humility I feel every time I consider these thoughts, will be a good first step.

Help me Lord Jesus to have even one pure thought or motive. Help me to count those I encounter as more significant than me. Lord, you know my heart. Please let Your love change it.

With Love,


One thought on “Jackson Five Friday: Stay Humble, or Stumble

  1. Laurel Martin says:

    Kristie – I am not someone who feels comfortable saying “The Lord told me …” as I don’t hear audibles from Him I am afraid.  BUT …  what you described is precisely the way I do feel like He “speaks” to me and gets my attention.  When I read/study something privately, and it comes up in a conversation with a fellow believer and I hear it taught from the pulpit …  I assume that God is trying to get my attention:). xoxoLaurel

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