Jackson Five Friday: COVID-19

Hey Friends,

Well, the bottom fell out of regular life this week. Last Saturday night, Will and I saw Jim Breuer in concert and laughed till our faces hurt. Sunday we went to church, taught Sunday school, and went to Nate’s basketball banquet. Monday we went to Nate’s first baseball game. Tuesday we went to Sam’s band concert — he plays the trumpet. Wednesday we went to Dub’s last high school swim banquet, and then I led my high school girls’ small group. Guess what? Not one of those things can occur in our new reality. Not one. No school. No sports. No small groups. No concerts. Life will be different than it’s ever been in our lifetimes. Of course none of this means that even now I can run out of things for which to give thanks, and I bet you can’t either.

Besides always giving thanks for our innumerable blessings, we know that God is still in control. And the best thing we can do is unchanged: stand strong in the Lord and earnestly seek Him.

The great need of the hour among persons spiritually hungry is twofold: first, to know the Scriptures, apart from which no saving truth will be vouchsafed by our Lord; the second, to be enlightened by the Spirit, apart from whom the Scriptures will not be understood.

A.W. Tozer

May the result of extra time be knowing Scripture better and being more enlightened by the Spirit. I am praying that many, including me, will emerge from this time closer to the steadfast, unchangeable Lover of our souls.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.


1 Corinthians 16:13 NIV

With Love,


2 thoughts on “Jackson Five Friday: COVID-19

  1. Mary Gearhart says:

    Thanks, Kristie, good words, as always, for these unprecedented times.

    When Gary and I returned from China from visiting our son and family the end of January, we thought we’d escaped this virus and the panic of the Chinese. Many prayed that we’d make it home and God answered in many sweet ways.

    Never did we expect to witness such panic here. It’s so good to be well connected to the One in charge assured of His great love for us.

    Thank you for pushing us to know Him better through this. Such a goal is an excellent antidote for the fear the media is promoting. Appreciate you!

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