Jackson Five Friday: Baby Truth

Hey Friends,

Does spring give you great hope for renewal? It does me. Growing up in Michigan instills a special fondness for ushering winter out the door, but I’m glad to reside in a place where post-Easter snows are not a thing. In fact, in Tennessee the first signs of spring come in February and I get to watch the Bradford Pear trees blossom in the valley at least a whole week before the ones on the mountain. How great that God staggered the peaks of His creation! And all the better to live on a mountain, where a daily drive up and down emphasizes the gradual progression.

We can all appreciate that children can sometimes be painfully honest, but last Sunday I witnessed a baby’s honesty about masks. I was sitting in church and watched a baby smile with utter delight if a stranger lowered his mask. The joy of this little one was unmistakable. He loves faces. We may not wiggle with excitement and grin from ear to ear to see faces — I mean we may not outwardly act like this baby — but I think on the inside this is exactly how we feel. We all love faces.

Does it strike you as odd that there’s no analysis of the cost of wearing masks? Mental illness is rampant, people feel isolated, exhausted and hopeless. I am amazed how often I hear something along the lines of “he’s never struggled with depression before.” And it’s across all demographics. Yet some people just can’t hear that masking and lockdowns have any cost. I’ve been unfriended for simply stating that there are always tradeoffs and that we should certainly analyze them. It’s like the little girl on the playground who runs aways with her hands over her ears, “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!” When will the childish nonsense end?

So, what’s my point? The point is masks are costly. Telling the truth means not omitting facts. In this upside-down world, it’s more important than ever to find the truth tellers. If people aren’t willing to talk candidly about tradeoffs, they aren’t truth tellers. It can be incredibly frustrating to try to find the truth on anything — so many agendas, so many profit motives. I read about one “expert” whose analysis may have been motivated by an interest in a vaccine now in development. You’ve got to be kidding me! You mean he has economic motivations?!? Like everyone ever.

Of course one Person is free of profit motives and agendas. He never omits any important details. He never hides the ball or twists His message to get you to comply. And guess what? He knit you together in your mother’s womb and loves you like no one else ever could. He watches over you while you sleep and crowns you with love and compassion. He redeems your life from the pit, no matter how often you stumble in there.

He says, “I am the way, and the TRUTH, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6 ESV).

I’m praying today that you know Him. He is the Truth.

With Love,


P.S. On a lighter note, I have a parenting tip for you. I stole this tip from a friend. When you play cards (is there cheaper, more bonding entertainment than cards?) keep a notebook. My friend has two boys and they mostly play Hearts. They take that spiral notebook with them wherever they vacation. They record the date, the place, who plays and the score. We started doing a notebook this year. And I’m excited to add some new entries this coming week. So my friends, play some cards with your family, preferably euchre, and trust Jesus. It’s all going to work out!

2 thoughts on “Jackson Five Friday: Baby Truth

  1. Beth Sedmak says:

    Did our euchre win make it into the notebook?😉 Thanks for your words! Today we have to be diligent and discerning about seeking truth tellers out – and diligent/intentional about spending time with The truth teller (Jesus). I listened to a podcast from Global Prophetic Alliance just recently and they emphasized our need to seek spiritual discernment to know how to engage the world – that this gift is of heightened importance in our current season.

  2. Lynn Bryant says:

    Great message ! Thank you for being
    Bold and honest… asking the questions that need to be asked . We have to operate in light and truth!

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