Kristie Jackson is a wife, mother and writer who lives in the Washington, DC area.  Her first book, Sharp Sticks: Essays of Embarrassment and Reflections on Redemption is available as an eBook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Veronica Commire says:

    Hi Kristie!
    I just finished your book last night and I loved it! Melissa told me
    about it and I got a new phone with the Kindle on it and read it
    very quickly. What a wonderful group of essays, Kristie!
    I mentioned to the whole Armstrong clan last weekend so I’m hoping they
    get it soon, too. I enjoy your blog today, too. I bet this is fun. I’m looking
    so forward to seeing you again this summer at Maranatha.
    Love to you,

  2. Emanuel Rouvelas says:

    Hi, Kristie! Great to hear from you! Thanks for the note and book . What a fun postscript to the NVSL All Stars . I’m delighted you’re leading such a rich, full and meaningful life and contributing so much to others. I guess the firm did a terrible job explaining our maternity leave policy, but it all seems to have worked out wonderfully for you. All good wishes , Manny

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